CEO Mindset, Habits & Behaviours

CEO Mindset Habits & Behaviours

Mindset of the CEO - What drives these Type A characters to be at the top

Success is a habit forming behaviour, seeking to be the best that you can be (personal mastery and excellence) is what often drives these type A characters. Most of all, love what you do, be passionate about it, find what makes your life flow and what gives you energy, life’s too darn short to play around doing stuff that doesn’t bring you happiness, stretch, confidence and a strong sense of purpose.

Here is what I consistently heard from the CEOs:

PURPOSE. They had clarity and direction– this wasn’t given to them by someone else. Through their life experience they gained a sense personal development. Was it completely thought out NO....when asked what do you think you will be remembered for? It was often met with a period of silence as they considered this legacy question,......BUT what they all knew was that they wanted to be the CEO.....FACT not one of them had not got that vision in their mind.

PERFORMANCE. All of them had figured out what they needed to do to lead the pack and not simply follow. Some admitted they had been lucky at times and caught a rising tide. All
of them were great at delivering the commercial numbers for the organisation. So if you want to get ahead you have to figure out what it means to be a high performer, of course this isn’t simply down to delivering the numbers, it’s about being a really inspiring, energising ‘corporate citizen’.

Download the full Insight paper to read the full PINES model for the mindset of the CEO

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