Coaching Culture - Key steps to success

Developing a Coaching Culture

Insight from the Leadership Excellence February event.

The Leadership Excellence initiative launched in February 2014 with a group of 12 professionals from a diverse range of organisations invited to discuss "Developing a Coaching Culture".

Following on from the discussion the key insights, themes and suggestions have been put together in this concise insight. Identifying top tips and practical actions that can be taken away to help your organisation.


As part of the insight 8 critical steps were discovered for creating a coaching culture. here we outline the first four. To read the full insight and receive future articles complete you details.

Critical Steps for Success

1. Create a vision that aligns with the commercial and people strategy.

2. Gain CEO, HRD and senior executive commitment, buy-in and support for using a coaching mindset and approach.

3. Ensure there is a high quality external panel of coaches in place who deliver value and excellent coaching experiences.

4. Make sure it is not just HR related disciplines that are engaged, get commercial leaders involved too.


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